November 24, 2016

The why of Oftana Solutions

In 2012, I decided to leave my job at the Office of the Auditor, State of Hawaii, to join my family’s business.  For a bit of background, I’m the youngest of five children, and all my siblings were (and still are) involved in the family business.  The family business is bakery.  My parents own and operate Guam Bakery, located in Dededo, Guam.  That company has been there since before I was born, incorporated in 1971.  Three of my siblings are also involved in that operation.  My parents also own, while my sister operates, Gold’n Fresh Bakery in Modesto, California.  Now, […]
November 12, 2016

Tips for working with a virtual assistant

There are only so many hours in a day.  You want to do everything for yourself because you want “your” touch on your business.  It can’t always happen that way.  And at a certain point, delegating must happen or you lose your sanity.  With the world getting smaller, the possibility of having your own assistant, has become much more feasible.   As a small business owner, how do you determine if something is a task you should do yourself, delegate to in house staff, or outsource?  Where do you begin to look to build your online team?  And how would […]